Connection – Nature

At this time of heightened fear and anxiety, unprecedented government sanctions and grief it is an overwhelming time for everyone.

We are in unchartered territory and it would be easy to feel dragged down, into that place of fear, uncertainty and anxiety.

That is why I wanted to share some words from my heart about my own personal practice, as well as why maintaining a personal practice is so important.

So, what do I mean by practice?

A practice is essentially time for you. Carving out time to be present with yourself, to move, to express, to be. It looks different for everyone but ideally it is a time and a space of fun, expression, non-judgement and relaxation that is simply yours.

A big part of my practice is movement – yoga, walking, skipping, running. Another huge part of my practice is Nature. When I walk or run outdoors I am continually inspired by IT. The beauty of Mother Nature always lifts me, making me feel peaceful. Connected.

Is it just me who has noticed that the birds seem to be chirping louder than usual at the moment? The sky seems to be a shade bluer. The colour of the plants and trees seem to be a touch deeper and the trees stronger and more defined. Everything in Nature seems to be standing tall and sparkling a little more, reaching out to us to show their strength and resilience so we may mirror it. To help us draw on our internal strength and stand firm to get through this challenging time.

I believe Nature offers so many beautiful metaphors and lessons for human life and it is something that rejuvenates me and lifts me regularly. It offers consistency, beauty and wisdom that connects me to my own Truth and I think that is why so many others love to be outdoors, even if they don’t explain it in the way I do.

Someone very close to me once said; “Everything is better outdoors.”

And it is just that – Nature provides a sense of hope, a knowing that being outdoors offers us something unspeakably wonderful. A chance to be lifted up and reconnected to ourselves, and everything around us. IT provides us with something to hold on to, to learn from and seek out when all else feels lost.  

When on a walk the other day I was struck by Nature’s beauty and felt moved to write a poem, straight from my heart. And so I share this with you here.

I am Connected.

To me, to you, to Nature, to those who are here and to those who have passed.

A knowing. A deep sense of connection.

Felt when the birds chirp, stars twinkle and the bright blue sky stretches on and on.

Is it Faith? Is it Love? Is it God?

Or is it just IT.

Whatever IT is – it is there.

Above and below me, inside the very core of me.

Telling me I am held.

I am Love.

I am Connected.

I am Truth.

I Know,

Whenever I search I am already found.

Whenever I feel lost it is right there with me.

Me. It. Us. Everything.

There is light wherever you seek it and often where you do not.

There is joy and love in the pain and there is beauty in the darkness.

I am Truth.

I am Light.

I am Hope.

I am Love.

You are Truth.

You are Light.

You are Hope.

You are Love.

We are Truth.

We are Light.

We are Hope.

We are Love.

IT is Truth.

IT is Light.

IT is Hope.

IT is Love.

Written and shared from my heart.

I hope this resonates. Sending so much love to you all.

Namaste dear friends.

Love Alison xxxxx

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