Creative Copywriting – Bringing Ideas To Life

I’ve always loved to write and have been an expressive, creative individual from birth. Whether it was singing, writing, talking or dancing, as a child, I was always expressing myself. As I’ve got older my confidence to do all of this unashamedly has grown and now I find myself following these passions more and more, both personally and professionally.

Writing is something that has always come naturally to me- bringing thoughts, feelings and ideas to life on a page (whether they are my own or others) is an extremely beautiful process and is something I relish and enjoy thoroughly. There is a liberating freedom in putting pen to paper and seeing what flows out.

Or looking at a screen and touching the keypads and just letting it all come tumbling out, forming something gorgeous in the process.

Personally I have always journalled, especially in my adult life. During my travels around the world I kept a journal and now have a plethora of notebooks with all of my thoughts, feelings and experiences from 21 different countries, three continents and musings from so many aeroplane journeys I couldn’t even begin to tell you a number. I will definitely share some beautiful experiences from my travels with you on this blog very soon – as it is an honour and a joy to revisit these places and inform others about what I have seen and learned. So watch this space.

Yoga & journalling on the beach in Thailand!

Another expressive outlet for me is poetry. Often when I am inspired, outside in Nature, or just tootling about doing something relatively mundane, I find myself composing lyrical verses and have to stop and jot it down because it has taken me by surprise. Almost as if it is sometimes not a conscious process and instead a flowing-out–of-inspiration, and once the words are out I could forget them if not noted down.

With this propensity to creativity and expressing myself in this way it makes sense that I chose English Literature & Education Studies as my BA Honours Degree, and later went on to complete an MA in Journalism. Since then I have worked as the Assistant Editor and Editor of numerous UK based publications, both online and print, as well as freelanced for lifestyle magazines across the country and worked as a copywriter, communications assistant and content editor in the health and safety, care, healthcare, construction, hospitality, technology and finance industries.

My experience also spans the marketing world with time spent in content editing, website build, CMS Sitecore and WordPress and backend technical trouble shooting for a large European technology firm.

I love it. To write, to create, to be inspired. And so it is beautiful that now, as a female social entrepreneur and small business founder myself, I can utilise my expressive, creative nature and  the skills I have gathered from my editorial, journalism and marketing experience in the formation and progression of my own business at Returning To You Yoga. I see this enterprise as a bringing-together of all of the skills I have gathered so far professionally and personally, and it is a joy to share them with the world.

My website, socials and marketing, as well as all the services I offer are crafted and produced by me and it is a rewarding process that I am passionate about.

From this place of social entrepreneurship I am excited to connect with other SME’s like myself, who are doing their part to make a difference to people’s lives.

I know the services I offer come from my heart, and so when I talk about them I am sharing an important part of me with my lovely existing or potential customers . When an offering is so personal the wording MATTERS.

With this in mind I am putting myself out there, sharing my creative copywriting, editorial and marketing skillset with the world. If you are looking for an out of the box thinker, a creative, expressive writer, grounded yogi and someone who can help you bring your ideas to life then get in touch. Whether it’s blog writing, social media posts, website build and copy or marketing material production then I am here, full of creativity, ideas and a desire to help others be the best they can be.

I’m happy to share more about what I do with you and am looking forward to crossing paths with those in need of my skills.

Speak soon.

Alison xx

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