Exciting news today – new logo!

As I’ve continued to develop personally and professionally since the establishment of this company, so have the offerings I deliver.Since Feb 2020 I’ve harnessed all the skills I’ve gathered in my life to successfully work across a range of projects under one umbrella; all with the intention of offering beneficial services to those I work with!

Today is a further advancement, as shown through my new logo and name:

Returning To You Yoga Creative Centre

This title tweak highlights the ongoing evolution and advancement of this social enterprise as a centre for creativity, beneficial working relationships and holistic development, both for myself and the individual’s and firms I work with.

Since establishing in February 2020, I have worked with adults 121 and in groups as a trauma sensitive yoga and pilates teacher, and as a play based educator with small children from babies to junior school.

I have also had the pleasure of working with children and adults worldwide as an ESL teacher, helping individuals grow in their English learning journeys, as well as a curriculum developer creating brand new programs of study for clients in the education sphere.

Since Feb 2020 I have worked with companies in the education, gas detection, medical education, technology, wellbeing, health and safety and construction sectors on lots of great projects as a writer, editor, academic features writer, digital marketer and content creator.

I’ve drawn upon my diverse qualifications, experience and training as a journalist, editor, marketer, trauma sensitive yoga and pilates teacher, counsellor and teacher to bring something beneficial, intelligent and creative to the table. It’s been a real pleasure to work with people worldwide on such a diverse array of projects.

I’ve worked really hard to provide the highest quality work I can, and have also worked incredibly hard to ensure my own continued developed and have invested heavily in my ongoing personal and professional development in all areas.

With more exciting projects happening as we speak, I am really happy to be cultivating the ongoing success of Returning To You Yoga Creative Centre πŸ’•

I’ve been delighted to receive great reviews and to meet lovely people from all walks of life.My intention is to keep working hard and progressing so that I can keep evolving myself, and in turn ensuring that the business I run develops in this way as well πŸ’•

Thank you for being here and here’s to more progression and evolution πŸ™

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