Writing Offerings

Thank you for being here and for your interest in working with me. There are lots of ways I can help you – from feature writing, social media management, academic reports, to blogging, brand and tone of voice planning and journalist style-articles.

With creativity, an optimistic outlook and a savvy approach to the work undertaken it is my belief that the sky’s the limit.

A bit about me – my name is Alison and I am a 31 year old UK-based professionally trained journalist with the National Council for the Training of Journalists. I have worked as the Editor and Assistant Editor of a plethora of publications, both digital and print, since graduating with my MA in Journalism in 2013.

I have spent time with newspapers across the North West of England and have freelanced for lifestyle magazines across the country.

The work I create is grounded in experience having worked across many industries in varying capacities in my career – including construction, health and safety, healthcare, wellbeing, finance, housing, travel, recruitment, technology and hospitality This experience means that as well as possessing critical research skills and a fluid writing style, the things I write come from a place of SUBSTANCE and that translates on paper.

I am so incredibly passionate about the work I am doing in the world and it is my absolute pleasure to write for companies across many sectors. I value team work and moving together in a friendly, efficient manner towards common goals. I am an upbeat, enthusiastic, glass-half-full individual and I bring that energy to everything I am a part of.

I can’t wait to work with you on our next project.

Areas of Interest


Learning from different cultures, traditions, faiths and countries is something I am incredibly passionate about. It explains why I have travelled extensively and why I will soon be relocating to live and work based in Japan.
Travel is IMPORTANT. It provides the opportunity to step outside of your ‘normal’ and learn, explore and grow as an individual, in ways you never even knew were possible.
Putting these learnings, experiences and explorations into writing and sharing them through blogs, features and articles is something I relish.
If you are looking for a travel writer who is respectful and curious, always learning and is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the wisdom and beauty the world holds, then get in touch.


I understand the value of education in helping individual’s of all ages develop and move forward in their life. Personally I am well qualified with a BA Honours in English Literature & Educational Studies and a Masters in Journalism. I am a certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Pilates teacher, a children’s counsellor and a qualified journalist with the NCTJ .
Through my social enterprise I have worked with children of all ages delivering sessions to aid holistic development through play based education. I have also worked as a community educator with the children and young people at the Soweto Youth Initiative in Nairobi. I also will soon be working within the Japanese public school system as an Assistant Language Teacher.
With this wealth of experience in the Education field I now write for businesses and organisations who are also passionate about the value of learning and development. We work towards common goals to provide quality information and resources for their audience and followers.


Wellbeing – https://happycraftbox.com/blogs/articles/how-to-support-your-childs-holistic-wellbeing

Healthcare – http://content.yudu.com/web/1jybr/0A1vxp9/TCare14/html/index.html?page=16

Technology – https://www.brother.co.uk/

Housing – https://www.diggzhunter.co.uk/student-accommodation-deposit/


I charge 50GBP hourly and those I am working with transfer directly into my business account post-invoice.

Super simple – look forward to working with you.