Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Pilates Offerings

As a trained Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Pilates Teacher I am passionate about the way in which movement can improve our wellbeing.

Yoga and pilates offers a perfect space to move, breathe and recalibrate, whilst building strength and flexibility in a functional, useful way for your life. Yoga IS NOT about standing on your head or doing super advanced movements.

Tailor made 121’s for adults can aid relaxation, establish flexibility and strength, soothe the nervous system and help you reconnect to yourself. Parent and baby sessions offer beautiful bonding time to play, explore and learn in a beautiful way. 121’s for children are also a beautiful way for your little to flourish whether they need support healing from an injury, an opportunity to learn new skills in an engaging environment or simply a place to play then it is all possible here.

All of the offerings available at Returning To You Yoga are crafted with love and are designed with the sole purpose of enabling those I work with to live in a calmer, more connected way.

ALL SESSIONS ARE DELIVERED ONLINE VIA ZOOM – join me on the mat from the privacy of your own home. I can’t wait to work with you.

122 Parent & Baby/Toddler Sessions

Using storytelling, imaginative play and yoga movements, informed by EYFS, and crafted in an age appropriate way, Mum and little one receive engaging entertainment via Zoom.

£25 for 30 minutes.

Play Based Yoga 121

Play based yoga 121’s combining movement, storytelling and imaginative play to allow your little one to learn, play, explore and be themselves in a way that works for them – aiding holistic development.

£25 for 30 minutes.

£37.50 for 45 minutes

Trauma Sensitive Adult 121

Whether you are a beginner or have had a practice for a while 121 tailor made sessions provide space and time to build strength & flexibility, soothe your nervous system, relax and reconnect and find joy in movement in a private setting.

£50 for 60 minutes.

£37.50 for 45 minutes.


“Alison helped me realise the strong and powerful connection between mind and body.

Exercises were graded to my level and I felt the whole approach was so beneficial to help me manage my physical and emotional well-being.”


“Absolutely loved my session today.

Alison is very friendly and calming.”


“Absolutely wonderful first online session with Ali. Really grounding. I have been aching all week and now I can pinpoint where tension is coming from and Ali also catered some movements to try and release this.

Can’t wait to try some more!”


Cancellation & Refunds Policy

If your cancellation for a group or one to one session is at least 24 hours in advance of the class, you will receive a full refund or the chance to rearrange for a future session. If your cancellation is less than 24 hours in advance, the payment is nonrefundable.

Thank you for your understanding.

If this resonates get in touch and let’s work together.


The yoga and pilates sessions I offer are not a replacement for medical services or therapy. I am not a healthcare worker, doctor or mental health professional. If you have any concerns about your mental and/or physical health you should visit the doctor or relevant therapist.

Yoga and pilates can help to improve your general health and wellbeing.