Play-based yoga and self awareness groups for children

Alison teaching yoga to the beautiful children at community-based organisation Soweto Youth Initiative within the slums of Nairobi

Online: Sessions are available online for children and families worldwide – get in touch to book a play based education session.

Yoga is a wonderful way for youngsters to breathe, move and learn.

Designed to aid your little one’s developmental milestones in an holistic way, sessions combine yoga, movement, story-telling, expressive activities and age-appropriate self awareness exercises.

Crafted to help children establish a strong and healthy connection to themselves and others, whilst doing exactly what they love – play.

These sessions are designed and led by Alison, who is a trauma sensitive yoga and pilates teacher. As an Education Studies graduate she has worked as a children and young person’s counsellor at the NSPCC’s Childline service, as well as with the beautiful youngsters at Soweto Youth Initiative in the slums of Nairobi. Alison is passionate about ensuring children are given the space to be themselves.

Designed with Development Matters and EYFS in mind sessions can support the healthy development of social, emotional, communication, cognitive and physical skills.

For more information please do get in touch – email or head to our socials.

Beautiful play yoga sessions so far!

It has been an absolute joy to teach play yoga sessions to children and their families around the world since 2019. I have worked with children in Japan, Kenya and the UK, both in person and online. As you can see below we have had so much fun together!

A lovely little boy and his Nain after a fun, energetic play based yoga session at The Centre in Poynton – we all make a great team and have the best time together ๐Ÿ™‚

This little yogi has come on leaps and bounds – concentration, coordination, flexibility, strength and confidence! High fives all round!

Little ones come to play yoga at all ages and are rewarded for their hard work, yogic efforts and recognised for their all-round awesomeness with a special certificate! Well done!

Teaching play-yoga in Japan

Working with children in Japan has been an absolute pleasure and it’s been beautiful to witness how yoga transcends languages, and brings joy and learning opportunities to both the teacher and learner. Children within the Japanese public school system have loved learning yoga with me, and through our lessons have been able to learn English, move their bodies, go on adventures in the classroom, and of course, have fun!!

Reviews from parents and caregivers

Since completing my training as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Pilates Teacher in 2020 I have been honoured to work with children of all ages, abilities and experiences. Providing something fun, beneficial and valuable is the focus. Please see feedback below from parents and caregivers of those I have worked with.

Online mum and toddler sessions make a really lovely way to bond, especially in tricky times within the pandemic. The session I did with this lovely mumma and baby brought us all together and was so much fun!

All children, irrespective of the difficulties they may have experienced, are facilitated in our sessions to have fun and to move in a beneficial way. I loved working with this tenacious, bright little girl! Well done ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s always so lovely to receive beautiful reviews, but it is especially lovely to hear that sessions are benefitting not just the children but also their family members as well. It is a beneficial and fun place for all. Thank you for being a part of play yoga and for your lovely words!

Reviews – academic, professional and personal feedback from my mentor, Colleen at Saliya Life Wellness Institute, and Bonface, Program Manager at the Kenyan charity, Soweto Youth Initiative.

Alison has a BA English & Education Studies and MA Journalism. She has done professional counselling training for vulnerable children with the NSPCC in the UK and has volunteered with British charities.

She has volunteered in Kenya for the Soweto Youth Initiative and created an amazing project in which she created, implemented and still coordinates community connection between British school children and Kenyan children.

Cultivating international relations.

She has been a copywriter and editor for British magazines.

Alison joined the trauma sensitive TTC with the intention to learn, heal and grow and then build her own yoga business contributing to society in a sustainable way for herself and her community.

She has been well received by her community and supported people during the covid crisis. This woman is doing amazing work in the world.

She is kind, humble, funny, intelligent and a Truly Beautiful Soul.”

Colleen McClure
Owner & Founder, Saliya Life Wellness Institute

“Alison’s  connection with the children was good.

While  she  was  here  she set  up two penpal exchanges with schools in England. One for the younger children and one for the older children. This was a really lovely experience because it will improve the children’s literacy and communication skills.

Alison was liked by children. She was comfortable relating to them and enjoyed time spent with them. She was very resourceful and stable emotionally.

She patiently helped children in solving problems. She is energetic, flexible and dedicated to her work and has a great motivation to help children.

The above qualities makes her a good fit in working with children and  being  around  them.”

Bonface Kangonga, Senior Program Manager
Soweto Youth Initiative


The yoga and pilates sessions I offer are not a replacement for medical services or therapy. I am not a healthcare worker, doctor or mental health professional. If you have any concerns about your mental and/or physical health you should visit the doctor or relevant therapist.

Yoga and pilates can help to improve your general health and wellbeing.