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Welcome! This page is home to a range of self published articles and features spanning all things of interest to me. From sharing my latest adventures and travel explorations, to book reviews of the latest novels I’ve enjoyed – it’s all here!

Thank you for being here – I hope you enjoy.

Articles & Features

Exploring Shari Cho

Today I had the pleasure of exploring Shari; a small rural town situated in Eastern Hokkaido. It is the gateway to the UNESCO protected Shiretoko Peninsula and is located on Japan’s northernmost island. Joining a small group of elementary school children and a fellow teacher on the tour, which was led by staff at the […]

Teaching and learning -my experiences as an ESL teacher

Working as ESL teacher with people from around the world is an endlessly interesting and rewarding thing to do. One of the main things I enjoy is the fact it is a mutually beneficial learning relationship – I teach them about the English language and the cultural aspects of the society I live in. In […]


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